Ultimate Custom Night Wiki

The Death Coin is a new mechanic for the Ultimate Custom Night. Its purpose is that the player can eliminate a character from the roster.

Ultimate Custom Night[]

The Death Coin is priced for 10 Faz-Coins, the price is still subject to change, but it is bought once per night and the player can use it to eliminate a character from the roster, but there are only certain characters that are susceptible for deletion and means by that, the player can't eliminate all the characters in the roster.

Susceptible Characters[]

These characters are susceptible to deletion by the Death Coin are:

But it also means that the player will have fewer coins as the Death Coin is bought to defend certain characters like, Rockstar Freddy, Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Mangle. If the player chooses the buy the coin, that can potentially put the player in danger until if the player builds up the coin count quickly.

The way this feature will work is that once the player has purchased the Death Coin from the Prize Counter, there will be a Death Coin icon shown in the top left corner. Then when you are viewing a camera showing a vulnerable target, the icon will light up. If the player clicks the Death Coin icon at that point, it will eliminate the target animatronic from the game.

Although this may seem pointless at first, eliminating them in this way still gives the player credit for beating that character. But it isn't a freebie, but it's a calculated risk. Spending 10 Faz-Coins puts the player at risk from other Faz-Coin hungry characters, so it's a choice that players must make depending on the circumstances, similar to how Rockstar Foxy comes with risk, despite the potential benefits.