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PurpleGeist Before being killed

PurpleGeist is a boss added to the 1.20 update for FNaF World and appears in Geist Lair, though it only appears for few seconds during the boss battle and is unable to attack the player. It was first thought to be the final boss until getting crushed by the boss Chica's Magic Rainbow after 10 seconds. PurpleGeist now remains flattened during the whole final boss fight against Chica's Magic Rainbow. It is assumed that PurpleGeist is extremely powerful, as it was supposed to be the final boss until being killed by Chica's Magic Rainbow.


PurpleGeist's appearance looks slightly different comparing to its sprite from FNaF World: Halloween Edition. It has a few purple-type colors and its body appears to be hunchbacked. It appears to sport a form of spikes on its back, several purple speckles, and long arms each sporting only two fingers. Unlike the joke game, it doesn't possess any tentacles at all. The only feature that remains unchanged is its skull-like head but with certain differences; a triangular nose instead of side-way slit nostrils, and white eyes and teeth rather than previously being yellow.